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    SYN: New visual project I shot with @laronbishop | Just Know

    SYN: @Overdoz - Live For, Die For | [2011]

    SYN:  - Live For, Die For |  [2011]

    SYN: Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life Album [1976]

    SYN: @Chance_Fischer + @Artisticmanifesto Hip-hop & Ham Hocks Interview

    SYN: Nirvana Interview in Seattle [1993]

    SYN: @YG vs Nardwuar Interview….Nardwuar said Bompton. 

    SYN: ”Face all on the sphinx…you can blow the nose off that won’t change it” - @JayElectronica

    SYN: Me on the subway in Paris #respecttheshooter

    SYN: Me on the subway in Paris #respecttheshooter

    SYN: @JayElectronica & @Goldwatch Discuss his latest Song

    SYN: Most Anticipated film of 2014 | Jodorowsky’s Dune

    SYN: @ScHooboyq in this HUVr board Ad #Oxymoron

    Live it. #Malibu | X (at Mugu Rock)

    Live it. #Malibu | X (at Mugu Rock)

    #California | X (at Oxnard Shores Beach)

    #California | X (at Oxnard Shores Beach)

    SYN: A visually intense short film in a not so distant future.[True Skin] 




    From the Marvel 1993 The Year In Review

    I must tell you for numerous reasons I truly love this with all my heart

    I wrote this piece, way back when.

    And now i think Jeph Loeb owes me ten bucks or something.


    (Source: dirtysouthavenger, via seetheworldlikeido)